Der, die, das

10 May

Think global, act local.

There is one question that instantly comes up when you think about making a film called THE SAMURAI: how on God’s earth will you make it distinguishable from LE SAMOURAI, the 1967 Alain-Delon-starring Jean-Pierre Melville classic? You wouldn’t want a faithful cinephile find him- or herself in for a disappointment because they accidentally grabbed /downloaded the wrong video and then get angry at you, the filmmaker.

Well, folks, worry not, as there is an astonishingly simple solution that can be lifted directly from the French masterpiece: the use of the vernacular article!

Thus, DER SAMURAI it is – not Il Samurai, not El Samurai, not even Die Samurai or Das Samurai. Get accustomed to the strange and beautiful sound of the German language. If you want to go all the way, pronounce it ‘Dare Zahmoorai’ and you will sound just like us!

If you want to further deepen your understanding of the use of the German articles:


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