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Indiewire Project Of The Week

16 Jun

We’re in the competition of this week’s Indiewire Project of the Week.


Please, if you can spare a click, vote for DER SAMURAI here:


Yay! 50 supporters, 15% raised!

2 Jun

There is not one, but two milestones to be celebrated today! Not only have we been blessed with our 50th indiegogo contributor, we have now also raised 15% of our goal thanks to those 50 people!

You guys are AMAZING! Thank you very much!

Now let’s go for the big 10k! 🙂

Villains and Heroes

31 May

One of the early contributors to our crowdfunding campaign has been Bastian Finke, who with a whooping contribution of $1.5k made the campaign bar rise significantly!

Bastian is not only a hero for that, but much more so for being the head of Maneo, Berlin’s gay anti-violence-project, advising and helping LGBT people who have become victim to acts of homophobic violence. If you would like to learn more about Maneo and their activities, please find their site linked on our sidebar!

By helping us out, Bastian sure earned himself ‘A Night to Remember’ with producer Anna de Paoli, director Till Kleinert and actor Pit Bukowski.

Thank you very much!

Unholy 13!

17 May

As of today, 13 brave contributors have supported DER SAMURAI’s indiegogo campaign, raising the tally to unholy $666! Thank you so much for invoking the beast with us!

This one’s for you:


16 May

A big thank you to all sharers and contributors so far! After less than 48 hours we have already cracked the 1% mark of our crowdfunding goal! That’s amazing – let’s keep going like that! You will find the noble contributors’ names celebrated up here shortly.

You rock!