The Blue Goo Strikes Again

12 Jun

This time, our sfx make-up wizards Jenny and Sophie have taken the SAMURAI himself, Pit Bukowski, hostage to their devilish schemes, creating a full cast of his arms and torso in an excruciating three-hour procedure!

Deep in the Woods

12 Jun

An impression from this weekend’s forest location scouting tour.

Indiewire Project of the Day!

12 Jun

The great people over at indiewire have chosen to feature DER SAMURAI as their Project of the Day! Please have a look – and don’t forget to vote for it to become Project of the Week come Friday!

Learning German with director Till Kleinert

7 Jun

Don’t forget to support us on indiegogo! Thank you. ^^

Meet the Gang – Part 3

7 Jun

Our great special make-up artists Jenny Marolf and Sophie Ilg (both originally from Switzerland) have already done amazing work on our previous films ‘Cowboy’, ‘The Boy Who Wouldn’t Kill’ and ‘Dr. Ketel’. This time we will be more reliant than ever on their craft, as DER SAMURAI features A LOT of spurting blood as well as a number of heads rolling.

One of them – SPOILER! -will be the head of Chris Kane, playing the role of Schölli, who this Wednesday had to endure a three-hour-long procedure being wrapped in plastic, rubbed in lotion and plastered with blue goo in order to get a detailed cast of his features.

And here’s the first raw cast of the head, yet unmodeled, unpainted and with no eyes and hair applied.

Yay! 50 supporters, 15% raised!

2 Jun

There is not one, but two milestones to be celebrated today! Not only have we been blessed with our 50th indiegogo contributor, we have now also raised 15% of our goal thanks to those 50 people!

You guys are AMAZING! Thank you very much!

Now let’s go for the big 10k! 🙂

The Wolves Are Returning

31 May

Check out this new video, which has Till going a bit more into detail regarding DER SAMURAI’s plot, intentions and funding. Don’t forget to head over to indiegogo to support our film if you like what you’re seeing! 🙂

The Night Country

31 May

A nocturnal location tour two nights ago turned out quite successful! We might have found most of our major shooting spots now (fingers crossed we’ll get the permissions as well), with only two crucial places still missing – and the ones we have found are amazingly, time-and-money-savingly close to the city. 😉

Going on a location scouting tour is actually one of my favourite parts of the filmmaking process – you get to drive and goof around with friends while everybody else on earth is asleep. Please enjoy some impressions from our road trip:

Hope you like what you’re seeing! And if you do, don’t forget to contribute to our crowdfunding campaign over at indiegogo, if you haven’t already! 😉


xxx Till

Villains and Heroes

31 May

One of the early contributors to our crowdfunding campaign has been Bastian Finke, who with a whooping contribution of $1.5k made the campaign bar rise significantly!

Bastian is not only a hero for that, but much more so for being the head of Maneo, Berlin’s gay anti-violence-project, advising and helping LGBT people who have become victim to acts of homophobic violence. If you would like to learn more about Maneo and their activities, please find their site linked on our sidebar!

By helping us out, Bastian sure earned himself ‘A Night to Remember’ with producer Anna de Paoli, director Till Kleinert and actor Pit Bukowski.

Thank you very much!

Back from the Dead

30 May

Hi everybody, it’s been a while since the last post. There has been so much SAMURAI stuff going on around Pentecost that I wasn’t particularly able to keep up with posting everything – especially since the internet is not so strong in some of the parts we have been exploring…

For now, rest assured – we’re alive and better than ever, as the picture below proves (well, the ‘alive’ part at least)! In the next couple of hours /days I’ll gradually announce all the good news we have to share! 🙂


xxx Till