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Villains and Heroes

31 May

One of the early contributors to our crowdfunding campaign has been Bastian Finke, who with a whooping contribution of $1.5k made the campaign bar rise significantly!

Bastian is not only a hero for that, but much more so for being the head of Maneo, Berlin’s gay anti-violence-project, advising and helping LGBT people who have become victim to acts of homophobic violence. If you would like to learn more about Maneo and their activities, please find their site linked on our sidebar!

By helping us out, Bastian sure earned himself ‘A Night to Remember’ with producer Anna de Paoli, director Till Kleinert and actor Pit Bukowski.

Thank you very much!


Meet the Gang – Pt. 1

10 May

Let’s all introduce each other, shall we?

Last week Pit Bukowski – the amazing young actor who will be playing the Samurai – and I sat down to briefly announce the upcoming production of DER SAMURAI into a camera. The thing about talking into a camera is – it’s hard. So, pleased to meet you: star Pit Bukowski and writer/director Till Kleinert failing to remain focused (literally) and straight-faced.

We eventually ended up doing the announcement standing up, which miraculously worked much better. So, I guess the lesson here might be: if you’re trying to be comfortable in a potentially uncomfortable situation, don’t try to make yourself too comfortable.