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The Night Country

31 May

A nocturnal location tour two nights ago turned out quite successful! We might have found most of our major shooting spots now (fingers crossed we’ll get the permissions as well), with only two crucial places still missing – and the ones we have found are amazingly, time-and-money-savingly close to the city. 😉

Going on a location scouting tour is actually one of my favourite parts of the filmmaking process – you get to drive and goof around with friends while everybody else on earth is asleep. Please enjoy some impressions from our road trip:

Hope you like what you’re seeing! And if you do, don’t forget to contribute to our crowdfunding campaign over at indiegogo, if you haven’t already! 😉


xxx Till

In the Mood for Darkness!

19 May

A few days ago Till, Martin and I went scouting locations for the major setting of DER SAMURAI.

Late at night we shot a few mod tests with an LED torch to check the brightness in real conditions.

Till edited a short clip with some early draft score from our composer Conrad Oleak.

Have a look: