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In the Mood for Darkness!

19 May

A few days ago Till, Martin and I went scouting locations for the major setting of DER SAMURAI.

Late at night we shot a few mod tests with an LED torch to check the brightness in real conditions.

Till edited a short clip with some early draft score from our composer Conrad Oleak.

Have a look:




Meet the Gang – Pt. 2

17 May

Martin (dop), Bastian (1st ad) and Till (director) spent yesterday and today scouting for locations south of Berlin. The weather was inconsistent, which ultimately led to this very nice scenario – Till on the left, Martin on the right.


7 May

The bloodletting will commence in a remote area close to the Polish border. Heralded by the arrival of a wolf, the SAMURAI will emerge from the dark forest and roam the empty streets.

Check out some pictures we have taken on our location scouting tours to get a first impression of what the setting of the film might look like!

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