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4 weeks left until the mayhem commences!

23 Jul

Please excuse the long update hiatus – since the succesful end of our campaign we’ve been super busy getting our production in shape for our scheduled shooting start 4 weeks from now! I’m getting a bit nervous already, but in a positive way… I’m anxious to finally see the images I’ve been carrying around with me for so long come to life in front of the camera!

In order to make that transition from imagination to imagery go as smoothly as possible, d.o.p. Mungo and I have been working hard on our shot design and progression for the last two weeks – and we are lucky enough to have our amazing storyboard artists Andreas and Sebastian to cast our own petty scribblings into pictures that even people who are not capable of mind-reading can understand. 🙂

Thank you all for yor awesome support! We will make a great film for you! 🙂


3 Jul

YEE – HAW! Our indiegogo campaign has finished this Saturday with an amazing $14.151 total! Thank you all so very, very much for supporting us – it has been a great joy to embark on this adventure together with you!

The money will be well spent come August – look out for more updates coming up as we get closer to the shoot! 🙂


Last Day of our Crowdfunding!

30 Jun

Today at 12 pm Eastern Standard Time our crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo ends. Last chance to help us get DER SAMURAI on its way! Don’t worry – even if we won’t manage to raise our intended goal, the film will definitely be made this summer. But only with your support you will give us the chance to realise our vision without having to compromise!

Head over to indiegogo now!

Thank you so much!

xxx Till

P.S.: Our support party this Thursday generated this lovely photo opportunity – in this picture you can see me holding the head of our production manager Jolanka Höhn.

Last House on the Left

24 Jun

Thanks to an amazingly supportive owner (who will even go as far as postponing the demolition of the building for us), we will be able to use this beauty for the exterior shots of the house in which Jakob encounters the Samurai for the first time.

It had been a very early favourite of ours (as you can see in the lack of foliage, the picture was taken back in April on one of our first scouting tours), so we’re overjoyed that we will be actually allowed to shoot there!

Meet the Gang – Lobine

20 Jun

One of the key characters of DER SAMURAI is a wolf roaming the forests around the village. Intrigued by its appearance Jakob tries to track it down – until his curiosity leads him to encounter a much more dangerous stranger…

The wolf will be played by this lovely lady called Lobine, a trained American wolfhound. Welcome to the team!

Image Premiere: Train Approaching

14 Jun

Another great imagining of one of the film’s scenes by our storyboard artists Andreas Bachmann and Sebastian Göpfert. Very much looking forward to today’s storyboarding session with those two!

The $1000 Challenge!

13 Jun

A noble contributor is willing to help us push things forward and crack the 10k by doubling the total amount of all crowdfunding contributions coming in from today 9am (MET) through Friday 9am (MET), up to a maximum of $1000. Which means that all contributions you make during that time frame will count double for our project!

If we can manage to beat his challenge by raising more than 1000 over the next 48 hrs, he will even add a bonus on top!

Let’s make it happen! 🙂

Head over to indiegogo now!

Please Welcome on Board: Jakob!

12 Jun

After an excruciating search we have finally found our JAKOB – Michel Diercks, an impressive young actor who nailed the character the moment he entered the room, his measured, reasonable yet uptight and brooding persona proving to be the perfect match and foil to Pit Bukowski’s SAMURAI and his destructive impulses.

We’re very happy to introduce – Michel Diercks!

The Blue Goo Strikes Again

12 Jun

This time, our sfx make-up wizards Jenny and Sophie have taken the SAMURAI himself, Pit Bukowski, hostage to their devilish schemes, creating a full cast of his arms and torso in an excruciating three-hour procedure!

Deep in the Woods

12 Jun

An impression from this weekend’s forest location scouting tour.